About Us

The Funding Forum is a No Risk Crowdfunding Platform to help you raise cash!  

So what is crowdfunding?  Maybe you need funding to help make your dream a reality – projects can be anything from developing games, recording your debut single, kitting-out your sports team to something as big as turning a dirty old pond into a feature hole on your members owned golf course. We'd love to hear your ideas. Raising funds through TFF couldn't be easier – simply think of some attractive rewards to offer potential funders, upload your project to TFF and promote it to people you think might help fund it. Once you reach your funding target, all the money will be transferred to you via Paypal so you can turn your dream project into reality. If your funding goal isn't achieved by the target date, no money or rewards change hands.  Register now to get  our Tips for a Successful Project to help you get started. 

Every week thousands of people pledge millions of pounds to support great projects through Crowdfunding.  No amount is too small - by offering attractive REWARDS you can easily achieve your goal through lots of people pledging small amounts.

NB: Although rewards will usually result in more pledges, Registered Charities are welcome to use the platform to fundraise without the requirement to include a reward.

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Who Are We?

We are a team of normal people with a wealth of experience in sourcing funding for specialist activities/clubs from sports, railways, to starting and growing businesses.  Between us, our experiences are varied but we have one thing in common - we've all experienced the need to raise funds in our own specialist area and we are now pooling that experience to bring to you The Funding Forum.  

Message from the Founder

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