How It Works

So, you have a great idea but need funding to get started?

funding image.jpgThe Funding Forum is a 'crowd-funding' website that allows family, friends and strangers to back projects that they believe in.  TFF is an 'all or nothing' platform so unless the entire goal is achieved or exceeded by the deadline, no money changes hands.   No amount is too small - by offering attractive REWARDS you can easily achieve your goal through lots of people pledging small amounts.

Submitting a project is FREE so what have you got to lose?  

Alternatively if you are raising money for charity, all the money raised will be transferred to you on the target date you specify - even if you don't reach your funding target, and the only reward you need to offer is a THANKYOU.

Before Starting Your Project - answer the following questions:

  • What are you raising funds to do?
    All projects need to be precisely  defined - with a clear beginning and an end.  There must be a clear goal which describes what you are raising funds to do.

  • How much do you need to raise?
    Determine how much you need to complete your project which should include any additional costs e.g. to cover 5% fee if your project reaches it's funding goal and to ensure you have enough to offer attractive rewards to your funders - HOWEVER if you are fundraising for charity the Funding Forum will reimburse that 5% back to your project.  And don't forget to include Paypal's charge of up to 3.4%   Note:  For reward based projects, the stated fees apply if, and only if, the total target value is achieved

  • What rewards can you offer?
    Rewards can be anything from a personal 'thank you' for a small contribution, to something of real value to your larger funders.  The best way to inspire support is to offer great rewards.  Everyone loves a fun or one-off experience; something to be named after them; VIP invitation to a launch/opening.  Spend some time brainstorming good or unusual rewards and people will respond, and if you are stuck and need some inspiration or new idea, contact us and we'll be happy to help.  

  • Bear in mind the maximum individual pledge through Paypal is currently £1300 - contact us if you project requires higher pledge rewards.

    Registered Charities are welcome to use the platform to raise funds without the requirement to offer rewards.

  • Set a realistic deadline
    In order to protect everyone involved, your TFF project must meet its funding goal before the set deadline or no money will change hands.  This way no one is expected to complete a project with insufficient funds, and funders reassured that their money will not be taken unless sufficient funds have been raised to complete the project.

    As there is no upper limit, you should aim to raise the minimum funds required to completed your project to make sure it's successful - projects with good rewards often raise more than their goal.