Funding a Project

TFF isn't just about helping fund a good idea – it gives people just like you the opportunity to get some real value out of turning a great idea into a reality. Whether you want to support the development of your local sports club, help a local band release their first album or just support your hobby - TFF gives you the chance to be part of it, get involved and make a real difference.

In return you'll receive a reward from the Project Owner – this could be a personal thank you; recognition on the credits; receiving an advanced copy of the product; or something really unique like having something named after you, depending on how much you contribute and how generous the Project Owner is.

All payments are handled by Paypal so you do not have to worry about security of your financial information - nobody at The Funding Forum will ever have access to your financial information so there are no security risks supporting projects on this site.  If you don't already have a Paypal account its really easy to set one up - it will only take a few minutes - check out the Paypal link.  Paying through Paypal means YOU choose how you want to pay: by debit card, direct from your bank or by credit card if you prefer.  And don't forget – unless the project achieves it's funding goal by the target date you won't pay a penny.

  • When you make a pledge to any project on The Funding Forum (whether it is successful or not) you get automatic entry into our FREE DRAW for the chance to win an iPad Mini.  

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