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Creating Your Rewards

Rewards are what funders receive in exchange for pledging to a project. The importance of creative, tangible, and fairly priced rewards cannot be overstated. Projects whose rewards are overpriced or uninspired struggle to find support.

Deciding what to offer

Every project's rewards should be things related to the project itself. If the project is to fund development of a new game or record a new album, then rewards could include a copy of the game or CD in advance of its release. Rewards ensure that funders will benefit from a project just as much as its creator (i.e. it's not just a donation - they actually get something in return for helping to make it possible!).

Here are some common types of successful rewards:

  • Copies of your product:
    Advance copy of whatever you are producing, the digital game, e-book, DVD, downloads, a print from the show/picture; offer your book in limited edition hard copy or album in vinyl; give away a limited number of signed editions; or give away a role in your music video.
  • One-off or unique experience:
    Name a character in the game/comic/movie after them, or funders get named on a plaque or bench at the project site perhaps.
  • Innovative experiences:
    A visit to the set, a phone call from the author, dinner with the cast, a concert at your party/event, limited invitations to a launch party, fixed period membership/spectator status.
  • Mementos:
    Photos sent from location, give people producer credits, create art prints from your film stills; limited copies of your artworks; give away signed editions of your work; offer invitations to the premier or gallery showing; meaningful tokens that tell a story.
  • Community & Education:
    Ask your local community to donate rewards such as discounts, secret recipes, coupons, tours, etc.; send personal thank-you notes from your students; host a private event; offer membership discounts or free entry; teach a class.
  • Business Rewards:
    Offer discounts or coupons; pre-sell your goods; offer your space for events; throw a VIP party for your funders; give out merchandise with your logo on it.
  • Sponsorship:
    Offer limited advertising opportunities; website/sponsor name on team kit; link on your website; regular promotion in newsletter/noticeboard; leaflet distribution at events.

For more rewards ideas specific to project types just email us at and we'll give you some help.

Deciding how to price

TFF is not a forum for charitable fundraising: projects & rewards are generally of a commercial nature. The most popular pledge amount tends to be £20 with the average pledge being around £50. Rewards for small amounts are usually the most popular: projects offering no reward for pledges less than £15 succeed c.35% of the time, while the similar projects offering rewards for pledges less than £15 succeed 54% of the time.

So what works? Put yourself in the funder's shoes and offer rewards that would encourage you to support the project.  There can be a lot of flexibility based on your audience - a one-of-a-kind experience or limited editions are usually successful. Businesses often raise the funds to develop a new product or service by pre-selling through TFF.

Before making your final decision, run your reward ideas past a few of your closest family or friends and ask yourself honestly if the rewards you are offering would tempt you to support your project? The answer to that question will tell you a lot about your project's potential.

Tips for a successful project

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